ProFiRe Finalists for 2014

    1. Bridge to kindness by Stephen Gibson

      Granddaughter by Tomislav Šestan

      Bang Bang by Alejandro Castro Cisneros

      Chaja and Mimi by Eric Esser

      Living with Leviathan by Sirin Bahar Demirel

      Oltre by Krzysztof Bulzacki Bogucki

      Aladin and the magic bin by Žikica Jovanović

      Magic by Iker Arce

      The Riddle by Fidae Sbaai

      Hang me on by Lu Pulici

      Rotten fruit by Sergi Arnau

      Showtime by Michal Shany

      Survey about men by Mateusz GŁovacki

      Sestina for cashier by Dorit Weisman

      Stairs by Methil Komalankutty

      Goran by Roberto Santaguida

      Little talks by Yassen Genadiev

      Fronteira by Antonio Lopes

      Poser by Kuesti Fraun

      Provisoire by Anthony C. Cajan

      Hope for the Wolf by Branko Radaković

      The dive by Delphine Le Courtois

      The human mirror by Marc Nadal

Thank you very much for entering ProFiRe short film Competition.

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